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Military Brats of Etsy Featured Artist ~ ~ Designsviadumas !

Military Brats of Etsy
Brats Featured Artist ~ ~ Designsviadumas !

Every few weeks we are featuring one of our members. This time we have selected Designsviadumas!
(One of me at the Rossini Festival. I use shutters to display my purses.)

1-Tell us a bit about yourself (name, location, affiliations, and personal stuff).

My name is Dore Via Dumas. I am the daughter of an Air Force Lt Col and a Southern Belle mother. I have three sisters, two of whom married men who were in the military. I was born in Richmond, VA and have lived in Sacramento, Miami, Wichita Falls, TX, Aviano, Italy, and Mobile, Al, in my military life. I have also lived in Hattiesburg, MS, Gulfport, MS, Oceanside, CA, Kansas City, KS, Memphis, TN, Chattanooga, TN, Orlando, St Cloud, Fl, Ocala, Fl, Sevierville, TN and am presently in Knoxville, TN. As you can see, there’s no place like home and home is where I happen to be at the time.

My first husband was a Marine. I met my 2nd when I moved to Mobile in the 8th grade. We have been married almost 18 years. I have a son and daughter and stepson. My son (40) was in the Air Force and my daughter's (35) ex-husband was in the Army and now is in the Navy. My son, daughter-in-law and two (soon to be 3) grandchildren live in the Boston area. My daughter lives with my husband and me. My stepson (31) lives in Mobile.

I have a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and am a Middle School Librarian. I have been teaching for 22 years. I started out as a Special Ed teacher. I love to be creative. I was a potter and raised my two children on mud money. I have been a mosaic artist for 5 years and have dabbled in almost every kind of art or craft. My husband groans when I come home with something new to try. He is very supportive and my biggest cheerleader.

2-What is the first thing you can remember making by hand? How and why did you make it?

The first thing I remember making by hand was a small ceramic vase. I made it in Bible School. My mother STILL has it! I also remember making doll clothes out of scraps leftover from clothes my mother made for the four of us.

This picture is of the outside of my display (we had the sides up because of early morning rain)

3-What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?

I am totally inspired by color and texture. Many of my ideas come to me while I sleep. With my sewing, I am inspired by the fabrics. I never buy a piece that I can’t visualize how it should be made.

4-What are your favorite materials?

I was a potter for 30 years. I love the feel of clay. I also love the fact that I could get dirty and didn’t get in trouble. As a seamstress, my favorite fabrics are velvet and silk.

5-What have been the most valuable lessons learned from other artists on Etsy?

The most valuable lesson learned from etsy artisans is to be patient and to network. Friendships are also valuable.

6-Why should people buy handmade?

I have always been an advocate of handmade and locally made. It always irritated me that galleries would only buy from people from New York or California and not support local artists. Besides handmade is generally better quality and original, not mass produced.

7-What features/services would you most like to see on Etsy?

Basically, I am happy with etsy. It is getting so big and the competition is stiff. I don’t know what I would change.

(my sewingroom. My sewing machine, computer and work table are all within scooting distance. I just roll around the room.)

8-Apart from creating things, what do you do?

Apart from creating things I love to garden, dance, read, travel and every now and then take time out to sleep.

9-Read any good books lately?

Have I read any good books lately???? I’m a librarian :) I read books the kids read just to keep up with what they like. Sometimes I get the opportunity to read grown up books. I love mysteries. I guess my favorite authors are Amy Tan, David Baldacci, James Patterson, and Sharyn McCrumb.

10-In ten years I'd like to be…

In ten years I’d like to be retired and traveling, and, of course, creating.
(I have a wonderful cabinet that was for buttons that I use for all of my notions. I try to be organized but it is not easy.)

11-How did you pick your business name and your etsy avatar?

My business name is from my maiden and married names. Via means “by way of”, so Designs Via Dumas is a good play on words. My avatar is my dandelion challenge purse. My shop name is “PURSEnickity”. I use pink and black because research shows those colors are feminine. I designed the lady logo. I wanted her to be elegant so that customers would feel elegant with one of my purses.

12- What has being a brat at Etsy meant to you?

Being an etsy Brat has meant making new friends from all around the world…kind of like being a military brat. Only brats know and understand what it is like to be a newcomer and to try to fit in. We are more open and accepting.

Go see … Go visit her shop and come back here and share what things you like…

There is a lot to like!

Brats Rule!


Odannysgirl said...

I love reading about our brats! It's great to get to know you better Dore. I would have never guessed that the person making such elegant purses played in the mud for so many years :)

Best Wishes!

terryann said...

Dore you are so cute!

Sus said...

congrats on the profile!! Love your last name, what is the heritage/ethnicity?

Liz said...

Great interview - nice questions! :) Thanks for a great read - now I have to check out her shop! :)