Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Terry’s Christmas News

Terry’s Christmas News  ~  2012 in Review

                It is my prayer that this Christmas finds you full of joy and peace, with the birth of Christ Jesus at center of your celebrations, the love of God in your hearts and good will toward mankind. 


I am writing this news review with a heart full of gratitude and remembering this last year as one full of adventure, travel and family love.  


I am still at Seattle Pacific University and hard at work towards my degree in Fashion Design.  In February, I was chosen for a competition called “Project Red Dress”.  As one of 12 fashion students from Washington State we were picked to create a red dress in 16 hours, it was for the American Heart Association charity for women with heart disease.  We had a blast, there was a great fashion show, and it was filmed for Channel 5’s Evening Magazine.  I was featured in You-tube videos also. J 


Then I threw a wrench in my graduation plan by deciding to do a quarter abroad.  The first week of March I flew to London, to begin studies at the American Intercontinental University there.  I got a chance to travel with the school to Scotland, visit the white cliffs of Dover, Canterbury, Stonehenge and Bath. I had a great time and am so glad I decided to do it!  My friend from High School, Karen came to visit.  Audrey and her step daughter Bailey came to visit me on my last week there.  Whew, we had a whirlwind of fun!


This spring Charlotte graduated from University of Washington!  She is working part time for a game company and doing some design commissions for individuals.  Charlotte and Jace continue to live in Bothell and they continue to be a happy and busy couple.


After doing some construction projects at the Whidbey Island house, my summer continued to be full.  Both of my kitties were adopted into a new home at Jaces mom in Pennsylvania.  My trip to deliver them included 3 days in New York for sightseeing and shopping; yes … I had to do that!


 Charlotte and I went to Texas near the end of the summer to visit Audrey and Reed in their new home (with a pool!).  More fun!


            Once back in Washington, I settled into my new dorm room, this time I have a rental with a wonderful view of the city and the water.  I am busy back at school, finals are looming and I am reworking my graduation plan.  Visit me if you get a chance, I love to stay busy and visitors are a great excuse to go out!


Love and prayers continuing!                                             Terry Ann Skipper Wilson