Saturday, April 5, 2008

Who is terryann anyway? and A few things I did last summer.

Here is a short preamble to help explain “who is terryann?”

Living here in the great northwest we have our share of rain and snow. I make my own sunshine by being creative and positive. I have been sewing for about 40 +/- years. I find it is my passion, therapy, greatest creative outlet, and a skill I have been working at for a long time. God has been good to me and blessed me as a mother and wife. I have been able to pursue my passion for sewing both professionally and for my own needs. A short list of my favorite things:
Praising God
Learning new things
Sewing anything!
Doing the right thing.
I was born in the northeast in a military hospital mid century ~ last. We moved all over the world because my dad was in the US Navy. I finished my last 3 years of High School in Misawa Japan, that would be northern Japan, and it had a great influence upon me. There is Kawaii (cute) all over and I see it because of the way of “seeing” I learned from my Asian experiences. My dad retired in Annapolis Md. I met and married an Academy Grad and we began a new adventure around the world which included a couple of years in Japan again. I was reminded that Japan is one of many places I call the home of my heart. Scotland is another one but that is another story. Now we have retired from the military but not from travel. I go as often as I am able and my hubby has a second career that takes him on trips all around the world, sometimes I get to go too! Yippee!

I have a shop where I sell my own purse/tote/tea towel/hat/apron/patches and etc….designs.
Please check it out; I will do custom orders if you see something you want in some other fabric, let me know I will see what I can do for you. I had been trying to find an outlet for my crafts for years. I have sold just about everyway there is, craft fairs, consignment and ebay. Ebay was a dismal failure, every sale was for far less than the cost of my supplies and the ‘garage sale’ mentality there kept it that way. I still list things there (as Skippytada)…. Stuff from around the house, which I would sell in a garage sale, those items do well! Etsy is the first time I have been successful with my purse designs. Not that I am breaking the bank but I have been fairly consistent in sales, about two times a week. It has energized me to continue sewing and designing. That was what I needed!
My newest is a
Red Tote Bag with Black Calligraphy, bright and versatile!
I am hoping to build a customer base and I must promote more to do so….. this is my stab at it today.

Summer 07

The photo at left is one I took actually while driving (I do not recomend it), however the view was fantastic. My “road trip” to CA was great and I am ready for the next big adventure that comes my way. A friend of mine was moving “home” to California, and I drove her car while she drove the moving van. We had a great trip and her family was so pleased to see her and have her near again. I am needed some of that pretty strong turkish coffee for the trip.
I cannot seem to stay still! I practically jumped at the chance to go with her; in fact it was my idea. She needed some way to get her car home and a female driving alone towing a car didn’t sound too safe or easy. I am in the northwest and it took a couple of days… but to me it is like….”ROAD TRIP” yippee! I will miss my friend an awful lot, but I know this is the right thing for her at the right time in her life. She was divorced a few years ago and stayed in the area to finish raising her kids in their ‘comfort zone’. Now it is time for her! It is time for her to do what is best for her and being around her family is the best. I really miss her!
God be with her!

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