Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Feet ~ a story that I didn't plan to tell.

Well I didn't start out to tell a story about my feet, or even decide to take pictures of my feet and put them on my blog... however, one day I was sorting through my many photos and noticed how many, many, many photos I had of just that very thing! My feet... so here are a few photos... I seem to have taken some by accident and others by design... explanations follow each photo.

This one I was trying to photograph the tote for my online Etsy shop and well.... I didn't have a model that day so I just snapped it with my right hand....

Again my model wasn't around and my toe nail polish just happened to match the Ultrasuede! This one will be listed soon.

This was my daughters graduation day and I was beginning to get bored, I had put a top layer of sparkle~ly paint on my dark purple toes. It was so pretty and so I distractedly snapped a photo while someones name I didn't know was being called... really 3 hours to get through all the names and speeches... yawn~! pretty toes however!

Here I am trying again to take a photo of product without a model.... not a bad shot... of my feet! ☺

And at last... my favorite shot of my feet.... so far ~~~~~ ! ♥ ♥ ♥

This one I took while I waited for my daughters to get ready... we were in Disneyland, the ankle bracelet says "PRINCESS" and yes I am! Silver toes, shoes and bracelet! WOW What cute feet....
Not a single stinker! Now wasn't that fun?!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stockings for the troops ~ Sewathon 4! ~ we sewed 96!

Yesterday was a fun day! About a dozen ladies from my church, brought our sewing machines, irons, sissors and brains. We sewed almost 100 (96 to be exact) stockings for the Operation Shoebox organization. These photos are from the web site of last years delivery! Here are some we created that will be on their way soon.One of the cutest ones................♥

A pile of them all ready to go! ...

A shy friend helps out....... ☺

WOW We did it again~!!!!!
My good friend ran it this time and decided that she would make sure 100 was sent. What a gal!