Monday, April 14, 2008

Update ~ ~ ~ Why I sew? ~~~ !

The whole reason I began to sew as a young girl was to be able to make things that were not available in the market. Many people think that sewing is an economical way to get clothing and home decoration. They are wrong. Sewing is a way to get what you want. It is expensive too, the machine is costly, the fabric, other supplies and the time! Sewing is a customized way to get exactly the right fabric, right color and right pattern you want. Custom is always more. I am the slightest bit creative, and I could always think up some design that wasn’t in the store. So once I got old enough to use a sewing machine I started sewing. First, just a sarong for Barbie, next was pillows and stuff for my room. My mom was an enthusiastic seamstress and she either sewed for me or helped me learn how to sew anything that was in my mind to make. As a teen I made a light weight jacket with a zipper down the front and slanted welt pockets that I was proud of. Besides the circle skirt and drawstring pants, there were numerous other projects that kept me busy with my hobby. When I was pregnant with my first I wanted a “Rainbow” theme nursery, not only was there nothing on the market, there wasn’t rainbow fabric in the fabric shops. What could I do…. Give up? Never, I found sheets with a big rainbow strip down the side. I bought several. From them I cut out the rainbow and made crib bumpers, curtains, lamp shade, switch cover, tissue box cover, rocking chair pad, changing pad and other little touches to complete the “Rainbow” nursery. Yes I was happy with that. It took time and effort and some money, but, I got what I wanted for my baby and for me. She is 25 now and my second is 17 I am finding I have more time to sew for myself and what do I want to do? I want to sew for complete strangers and hope they will like it enough to buy it on line.
See what I sew ….

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Sus said...

Yer the first person who I've ever seen admit that sewing one's own clothes isn't cheaper than buying a shirt. Thank You!! *lol*

While the main reason I don't sew is I simply have no patience for this sort of thing, I also can't afford it on top of my photography.