Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Journal of Ideas and Random Thoughts for Tuesady

Early ~~~

      Today I reflect on my first Fashion Styling class.  I believe I will enjoy it; the teacher, Robin Dutt, is well experienced and has the right credentials.  The fact that he is closer to my age gives me a bit of hope that he will understand me and appreciate my “late in life” new chapter…. Upon the recommendation of the teacher, I saw the movie “The Artist”, and understood, at last, the fuss.  The movie stayed true to its own silent theme, for some reason it kept reminding me of the Mr. Bean movies, I think because Rowan Atkinson also needs few words to get across the feeling and intention of the character.  The impression of color was communicated by the textures and intensity of the black, white and greys… I especially noticed that the actors all had bleached white teeth, even if they were not perfectly straight they were very white.  I am sure this must be a personal thing with me as I have struggled with my teeth through the years.

Later ~~~
  Whew!!  Yesterday was quite a day, early out to Covenant Garden and then on to several Art museums…  I got a chance to see the work of Chihuly again, glass artist, he seems to be everywhere. It may be because he is from my home state and is always just around either on TV or on the ferry… there.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Greek Fashion Designer Kokosalaki

      I got the chance recently to visit the Hellenic Centre where the work of Greek Fashion designers were being displayed... this one in particular was unique and I thought I might share ... for your enjoyment...

Sophia Koksalaki, captures inspiration from so many different things, japan, lampshades, cottage roses, perfume bottles... all lovely and works of personal wearable art!
This one is from another greek designer.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

love is like that

My daughter once gave me her heart..... she drew it herself!.. Love is like that!