Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally... part 4, isn't that enough

Finally….. part 4 …
26~ learn when to speak and when to keep quiet.
27~ let your life be observed, especially by yourself.
28~ Organization calms the noise.
29~ be careful little eyes what you see, sometimes something will stick in your head that you don’t want to remember.
30~ never dismiss a good piece of advice or insight just because of the source.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Military Brats - How I survived 11 different schools and 9 moves before I turned 18

The world as I know it is a welcome and fun place where those who know how and are not afraid can roam and feel at home.

Hello world. I was a military brat... some one who has the unique lifestyle, with parent or parents who are in the military. My dad was in the Navy and we moved every 3 years so I grew up in many different states and countries. I loved the nomad, existence, and new adventure and seeing the world. Our family vacations could be the Grand Canyon one year and Big Ben the next. It was a great experience; however, I didn't do to well in school. The simple reason was because half the time I would be transferring over Christmas, and well they just finished teaching what I was supposed to learn... in October and I missed that at my last school, because they taught that in the spring. Grammar and spelling as well as math, were the worst to suffer. Plus always being the "new girl" I had to learn fast how to make friends. A skill I still have. This does not mean I was a "fast girl", just really good at finding friends and developing friendships. I really excelled in the creative side however; I loved sewing, doing anything with glue and scissors. Art and those projects where you draw a diagram or make a model, I always got an A.

Here is more of how I survived….

First .......I do feel "connected" I as a person even thought I don't have the traditional roots, most people feel necessary in order to feel at "home". I had great parents who taught me a great deal about how a family should function and support one another through good and bad times. We had a sense of adventure for each move and our new surroundings were full of friends to meet and experiences to be had.

Second..........My dad is gone now....his heart finally failed him. He is buried in Arlington right across the highway from the Pentagon.  I stood at his grave a few weeks after September 11, (yes I flew then), I went to Arlington and looked across into the face of the destruction caused by the crash there. I felt I understood in a new way, the dedication my father personified in his life work in the Navy.

Finally...... I can only feel a great deal of respect and pride for those who have served, those who have worked to protect our ideals and freedoms, and those Veterans who gave their ultimate for our country and our rights. It is personal for me; it is for my life too they served.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wisdom ~ Part 3


20~ Live and let live, if possible.
21~ let your actions speak loudly, they are anyway!
22~ Let your yes be yes and No be no, you don’t have time to say yes then not follow thru… it hurts your reputation and those who depended upon you to be truthful
23~ Small portions – of everything!
24~ to look for and seek wisdom is a worthy goal.
25~ Read the good book everyday, there are worthy words there, and you will gain some wisdom.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Homefront May Day Give Away - This is how I got paid.

If you are keeping up with my crazy life you will remember last week I was part of the May Day Give Away at the Homefront Team on Etsy. We had a lot of fun getting to know our customers, and promoting our shops.

Today I received the very best of payment, a Thank You note, from my winner. She had decided to receive $15 worth of merchandise from my shop.

This lovely image on one side and these lovely words on the other side, I couldn't have asked for a sweeter payday! You are very welcome, indeed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Postal Rate Changes ! You will like this!

Postal rate changes May 12th 2008… Regular stamp is now 42 cents…

The basic beginning priority charge of $4.60 will become ----$4.80 For under 2 pounds or for the flat rate envelope…*** To overcome this rate increase I will be changing my postage habits… and go with first class or parcel post for all items under 13 ounces.

1 ~ the bad news….

a-The first size flat rate box, the shirt box size and the shoe box size, will increase from $8.95 --à to $9.80 wow a big change

b-The larger size flat rate box, is 50% larger than the original Flat Rate Boxes, currently $12.95 will not change..? This seems like a typo to me; However, I will wait and see… so far so good.

2 ~ the Good News….

So I will be bringing down some of my postal charges! …. Yes while everyone else is raising the rates I am going with the cheaper First class or parcel post postage for many of my items. This requires me to do some extra work, and purchase new shipping boxes. I will continue to attempt to find and recycle good clean shipping boxes, however, to be sure I can ship all of the products in my shop I have purchased some great boxes from Uline. I had preferred priority shipping for several reasons, it came with free boxes for me, it allowed for quick delivery for all my customers, and it also came with a cheap (18cents) delivery confirmation… even thought it was more expensive to start with It was convenient for me and the quickest-economical way for my customers. If you prefer priority shipping I will send you an updated invoice to reflect the charges for that service.

Here is the what and the how……

Was…… Now….
All the shipping charges that :

Were under $4 – remain the same -> no change

$4.60 Priority mail changes to --> $4.00 I will change to first class or parcel post
$9.00 Priority Mail --> no change, however I will consider how I ship perhaps, First Class or parcel post on a case by case basis
12.95 Priority Mail - ->no change, however I will consider how I ship perhaps, First
Class or parcel post on a case by case basis
The secondary charges will remain the same….. And I will purchase delivery confirmation for every shipped purchase that it is available for. As always, any time shipping/handling cost turns out to be considerably less than you paid (in excess of $3) I will refund those excess postal charges with a paypal refund right away.

I am certainly fed up with the increases every year, while the product delivered has not improved substantially. My understanding of increasing cost of doing business (labor and transportation) leads me to believe that they had no choice and they are allowed by law to revisit their pricing structure each year. So I began to think! think!... look search... and think some more.... soon I realized that my use of the priority shipping almost exclusively was hurting my choices and that of my customers. So here I go swimming against the tide!... and I hope this will help my customers decide to continue shopping and buying from me!Happy Etsy Shopping, Buying and Selling.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SOLD! ~ Etienne Aigner classic clutch - Aigner Burgundy Leather and Preppy - Republic of Vintage

This Sold today, to an international customer! Yippee! hurrah! I have other great items .... So Go See....
Didn't we all want one of these ultra preppy Burgundy handbags back in the early 80s? This one was mine and yes I am selling it!.....

One owner, ME! I was given this as a gift, (after heavy hinting) brand new in the early 80's. This was the Hot color of the day and Etienne
Aigner, was the fashion leader of this trend. I have carried it for "occasions" over the years. There are some scratches on the brass plate and also some small ones on the leather. There are no defects that will distract from the overall beauty of this purse.

You can find it at my etsy shop where I have some other of my own vintage clothing for sale. See the Republic of Vintage section of my shop.

Monday, May 12, 2008

You need to know this... stuff!

11 ~ Proverbs…a really good read and not just stories!

12~ Pepto-Bismol is good for a lot!
13~ Yogurt every morning
14~ occasional glass of wine with dinner
15~ remember to eat your oatmeal!
16~ Eat your fruits and veggies!
17~ Chocolate, dark, only just a little.
18~ Hang your keys by the door.
19~ Keep a calendar and keep it current.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What should I be charging? - A study in ideas and pricing.

Merchandising and Pricing on Etsy…. My thoughts and practices…

Here goes……

Pricing is a complicated set of variables. The cost to produce, value added, perception of value, the unknown of customer need, I could go on and on... etc..The only basis for us as sellers, that we have to go on, is our cost (materials and labor) and our idea of what we could expect to get for a particular thing.

Lets just look at the range of prices for say... a car....from a few hundred dollars for an old clunker to many hundreds of thousands for a custom special. At each price point there is a car, that will serve the customer.

There is a lot of leeway for us after our cost is figured, and we decide what we want on top of that, the goal is to make extra $, not break even. For some reason, a higher price is expected to reflect a better quality item... yes...SO if we are really making better quality, with value added to the customer, shouldn't we be charging more? I have done a few "experiments" and the price that is on the higher end sells well and those at the lower end. I try to have a large range of prices to attract all the spectrum of customer needs. Those who feel they can't afford my most expensive items will still find something within their range with a little looking around in my shop...I think this is the dynamic at work... can't be sure 100%... needs more research.

☺I love Etsy!

Happy Buying and Selling on Etsy!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom Nugget of Truth ~ Part 1

The following is a list of important bits of Wisdom and great advice I have received or given over time…. These mostly work… I will be adding to these from time to time.. and updating those where I find tweaking needed….let me know if you have a pearl of wisdom or a nugget of truth, I will be glad to consider adding it to my list….

1 ~ Don’t put that in your mouth.
2 ~ Look for that at the Library.
3 ~ Think and Think again.
4 ~ WWJD
5 ~ A place for everything and everything in it’s place will keep you from losing things.
6 ~ Have your thyroid tested!
7 ~ The only thing you can change is yourself.
8 ~ Live well in spite of your difficulties.
9 ~ There is help just ask, the right person.
10 ~ The Golden Rule! It works!

Advice - take it or leave it your choice - as always.