Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WEAR ~ The Wild Things !

April 23 ~~~ Another Rainy Day in London…
Hot Photo Shoot.
I enjoyed the challenge today and was way over prepared. I ended up not using several things I brought along, and used some things I wasn’t sure I wanted to use in the beginning.  I made the hat, stockings and the necklace.
 There were two challenges that pushed me today.  The first was the time limit, with only 20 minutes to work with the model there was no time to put on fake nails or use the wig… her hair is very fluffy and it would not have worked. Perhaps I will put it on the male model next week.  Secondly, the model was tired, all day of changing and trying to perform and portray what each student had asked of her.  I had a hard time getting any other face but “cute”. My theme was “animal instincts” and my idea was a kind of mysterious animal in the line of “Where the wild things are”, silly  somewhat frightening… I called it.
WEAR ~ The Wild Things.
There were about 38 shots taken and I believe I got 2 or 3 that are good…

Take a look at some of my favorites…what do you think, did it work?    

Monday, April 23, 2012

Journal of the Hat April 19th....

April 19th, 2012 ~   This was a day with loads of sewing…. Attached the crown… iron till it was crispy and smooth…pop off the block and cut shape…

Attach a strip of bias…

One of the other students was cutting petals, here is the pile of scraps, and they looked so pretty I had to take a photo.

Next week start working with the fabric …. At last!

 Here is my sketch… a rough one…

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Wallace Collection

April 13… At the Wallace Collection ~
   A Madam Pompadour tour would be given at the Wallace Collection at 3pm… so I went…
      An actor gave a guided tour of the paintings of her character, complete with embarrassed giggling and French accent. 

     Notice her costume matched the painting.

It was great, then I had delicious tea in the enclosed garden. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Journal of the Hat

April 12, 2012, We got messy… yippee!  I got my fabric from the drycleaners and they did a wonderful job.  The fabric was unfolded and mostly pressed to a lovely smooth surface. 

     Prudence talked with us individually and I was taught how to wrap a wooden head called a block with stiff millinery canvas.  I cut a section on the bias and pinned into place while wet then blow dyed it to a stiff form.  I left it there at the studio (see photo) to await more work, next week.  I got a nasty blister on my ring finger from pushing all those pins in!

     I paid attention as she taught two other students how to use the gelatin to stiffen soft silk satin for flower petals, as I am going to do flowers also when I get the chance.  Another student dyed fabric to the color she wanted, see photo of her fingers that matched her camera.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What are my chances .... really.

     OK..... I'm on a rant today... but because no one ever reads this blog I feel pretty free to vent...
                            In the tube couples talk......

      I just recently realized how much I disdain the single life.  I truly need the back and forth of another intelligent mind.  The thought processes the discussions the ideas that sharpen each other and with skillful thinking... the sharing of thoughts in a safe environment of love and respect.  The recognizing of each other distinct and pertinent personality, valuable child of God.  Each of us with goals and ambition that we can each support and delight in. 
      However, lately I have realized I haven't been on the road to a relationship... I have been working constantly to adjust to my single life, to be self empowered, to be the head of my own household and so kept my head down, kept my guard up and kept calm and carried on.  A few days ago I read an article in "The Portman" a London 2012, magazine about life in London.  This article written about Matchmaking in London, quotes matchmaker Mary Balfour who explains how difficult it is for people to meet each other now... with us all in our own electronic bubble as we travel about.  She also bemoans the expectations of men versus women.  As women typically want men their own age, Men on the other hand still feel they can attract much younger women, however, "we have to say no unless you are terribly rich or funny or George Clooney."  She says she gets a lot of internet dating refugees. So... if I am to have a chance... what should I do, I don't feel the draw to a matchmaker, I can't change my personality and I am an aquired taste but who would take the time? I still want and need a partner... what a predicament!
                There are some silly men on the tube too!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ok Which is better?

I as happily sitting and having a nice dinner with a cider ... the lighting at the restaurant was so nice, with flickering candles on each table and the window behind me and a nice dark wood table...
I was thinking of my styling project and I just dropped the ring right into the cider... of course the heavy ring went right down to the bottom and rested upside down on the bottom so no photo would work..... then I drank the cider.... here is the result.
I think my iphone takes pretty good photos... Now I don't know which will be my final choice.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Style is an Powerful Dowager ~ Fashion is a Shooting Star One Hit Wonder then gone.

First Week of April 2012

The classes here are much more "hands off" they give the students the tools and simple instructions and then give them plenty of time to do the work while allowing them to ask questions and get help from each other... finally a product is produced.  We had our first photo shoot for Styling class this week, it was fantastic.  When the right tools are available and the theme is clearly described, a product can be produced.  There was a lot of "hurry up and wait" and it took a long time for all of us to get finished with our photographer and each of us felt that we could have done better, but I feel pretty good about the photos I got.  I will work on mine a bit with photoshop, but I don't think much will need to be done other than some cropping, and I may play with the colors a bit.  Here is one of my examples.  My instructor Robin walked in just as we were placing the Chickie and put him up there...