Sunday, December 21, 2008

AM Snow on our driveway

Just wanted to share. As I got up this morning 7am and just barely any light I took this photo while standing in my living room in my pjs.

A bit later I got this one, we are "snowed in"
It is time for more coffee or perhaps cocoa, wrap packages, bake cookies, do crafts, etsy, make a snowangel, write christmas cards..... nice snow!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

♥ Work space at Home ♥

♥ Work space at Home ♥

When I first started my little home based business, it was difficult to find space for my sewing machines, the computer and the shipping/wrapping supplies. It was all over the house, especially the computer stuff! I was always in there working away, missing out on the family stuff that was going on just down the hall. We have a "great" room that has the living area, dinning area and the kitchen completely connected, not very fung shui, but very cozy for family relaxing and communication. We had this TV cabinet that was not being used for a TV. I finally solved my "disconnect" by moving all my computer stuff in to it and rolling it right into the kitchen. I put my whole computer desk in this one space, with supplies and a cork board on the inside of the doors to pin important stuff. I put a keyboard drawer just under one of the shelves, and the printer fit in the bottom. I hang my computer glasses just inside. I have my favorite amiguri Kitty mascot on top of my computer tower to watch over me. Sometimes even my real kitty runs by...........

At bedtime or when we have visitors I simply close the doors and it is just a nice cabinet sitting along the wall in the kitchen. Then when I need to get to work I open the doors and roll up my chair. Organization is my middle name, and having it all in a central area so I can work and still bond with my family is the best of all possible outcomes! I hope my idea gives you ideas how to keep the home in home based business.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chocolate what? Chocolate Wafer/Waffle Mini Cake

Chocolate Wafer Whip Mini Cake
You will not believe this but there are only two, ingredients in this little mini cake and no baking! This cake is only about 6 inches across including the whipped cream icing.

1 ~ package of chocolate waffle type chocolate cookies, you can also use the Nabisco chocolate wafers but those don't make a cake in this shape. There is a similar recipe on that box.
2 ~ A big tub of Cool Whip.

I got a box of those waffle type chocolate cookies and start by putting a blob of cool whip in the middle of a small plate. Then layer the cookies and blobs of cool whip, until you have a tall enough, finally "ice" the sides and top with more cool whip. The final instructions.......

Put it in the freezer till tomorrow.

Pull it out and cut it up, so yummy!

So what are you waiting for, quick, easy, fun, and yummy, not to mention chocolate!