Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When does adulthood start... when should it?

I find these two facts interesting...
1- When I was a teen (mid 70's), young adults were expected to pay for their own college and those who did well and were motivated did just that... not for everyone, but the smart and dedicated. Now everyone is expected to go to college and parents are expected to pay for it.   Could this be one reason why are there so many adults acting like big kids... ?returning home to be taken care of after college and putting off joining the adult world till the early 30's.
2- When I was a teen, a young couple who wanted to get married were supported by both parents in that decision and usually a majority of the cost was paid by the parents.  This would support the couple by launching them into the adult world.  Now young adults put off getting married and when they do decide (later and later) they end up paying for everything themselves. They go into debt to have a "fantasy day".  Instead of striving to become responsible adults in their early 20's they "live together" and think that replaces the commitment and legal connection of a marriage.  
No wonder we have so many young adults who are acting like kids.