Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Everyday Dressing ? ~~ Fashion Questions?

I got answers… they may not be much, in my humble opinion, however, here goes…!
Q;  I have difficulty deciding how to dress every day, should I wear my best stuff, or just save it for good?

A; Every day is a good day, today is good, you are good and you are worth wearing the best items you have in your closet.  My advice can best be explained by this…--->>> You should dress like you would, if you were to going to be meeting your lover today.  If you are married or in a steady relationship you ARE meeting your lover, if not then well, are we looking?  Then dress like he/she may walk right into your life that day.  The clothes in your closet are going out of style and aging just hanging in there.  Do not save things for best, as today is best, and as long as it will work for your schedule, you should consider today a “best” day.  As you pick out what to wear each morning, choose things that will be appropriate for your daily activities, but remember you may meet your lover and don’t you want to look your best for him/her? 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Jeans for Boomers ~ Fashion Question

Fashion Questions?
I got answers… they may not be much, in my humble opinion, however, here goes…!

    Q: I am not so skinny or young anymore but I still love to wear jeans.  What style of jeans are the best for us “older” jean wearing, young at hearts? 

    A: Jeans are for all ages! Jeans for an older body must fit correctly and have some stretch in them so that they are comfortable.  Anyone can find a pair that will work for them! you must try them on, walk around, sit down and stand up, wear your shoes with them. They must stay where they are supposed to, not grab you in the wrong place and be comfortable in all the positions you will be wearing them.  As for the style they should not fit to the waist but somewhere between 2 and 4 inches down from the natural waist, with a slight curve upward in the back. The color should be blue or dark blue to a black to look more like slacks, even perhaps with the crease down the front like a pair of slacks.  Whatever pair you choose do not pick a neon, pair.  If you must buy a colored or a white, pair make sure it is part of a complete outfit, which is also stylish.  Oh and as far as the "skinny jean" trend goes, be careful... only for those who are already skinny. There are several companies that make good choices for older jeans wearers.  Here are a couple of my favorate ones....

  1. Not Your daughter’s Jeans, carried by Nordstrom's
  2. Lucky Brand, has a few with lots of stretch.
  3. 7 for all mankind, also has a few that are comfortable the price is quite high however, find these at the thrift to save some bucks.