Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Some of you may know that I have begun to work on a capsule wardrobe for women.   My designs are created to fit a variety of shapes. As of right now there are only five items in the line but more will be added once I have a more consistency in the manufacturing, creation and project process. Here are a few pictures and illustrations during the developmental stages of my designs. Once my samples get here, I’m going to want to meet with you and give you a peek at the work I’ve been doing. I have large swatches of beautiful fabrics they will be made in.  The item samples will be mainly in solids and the production in both solid and prints… I need people who are willing to consign my items in their shops (orders can also be taken). I will be looking for a photographers and models. I will be putting up a website for this line soon as photos get done. I am excited to be working with a small cut and sew in the Dallas Fort Worth area, all manufacturing will be done in the USA! Fabrics for my line will include textiles from all around the world including S Korea and Canada.
One of my sources for textiles is Telio, out of Canada, do a quick google search and you will find their website and information about the beautiful fabrics they make.  I am excited to begin sharing my ideas and designs with all of you.  Look for an online shop soon also. 
Here is the link to my etsy shop where all my “fashion experimentation” is on display.
In the last few days I got this photo from Texas, the first cut from the production run of lace sleeves is done…

I am excited! This looks great!