Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Phone Apps I like :)

Here is a short list of apps I like... don't feel like you have to have them all or that you need to buy the ones that are not free... I haven't found one that wasn't worth the small price however.

Social type apps;

Words with friends ~ a scrabble type app were you play with others and can communicate also ! I like to play with family, I'm not too good but it is helping me with my spelling. To connect ~ (leave a comment and I will send you the info about how to play with me)

Facebook ~ social interaction and information, I keep up with my daughters lives and they check in with me as well as share photos and info... about charities and other things I am interested in... (I am Terry Ann Skipper Wilson)

Instagram ~ I love taking photos and there are simple filters here to make little works of art, I keep up with friends I know in real life and get to see some inspiring work of my friends... (I am Terryanns)

EMOJI ~ these are those emoticons, the little smile faces and tiny cartoon drawings of items that add to your text and emails etc... it adds a second keyboard to your texting.


I have a stylist, since I have fat fingers and my nails are in the way of the keyboard, I use it to type when I need to do a lot of it. It also keeps me from making mistakes when I need to "select" things ... I miss-dialed too many times. Purchase one from the apple store, but you have to ask for it they don't want you to think you need it.

Any Dictionary app ~ I like Dictionary.com ~ look stuff up and has a voice that will give you pronunciation.

YP ~ Yellow Pages Mobile - works when other apps fail me to find things and has good phone numbers etc...

Smart Traveler ~ state department app for travel warnings and itineraries...

Microsoft TAG ~ Scans those tags, both the multi color and black and white blocks that connect to more information about places, events, items to purchase and people.


Get your local news apps for local news info while you are away from home...

CNN ~ News of the world

BBC ~ British News of the World.


Your Own Credit Card ~ to keep track of points, travel plans and charges

Your Own Bank~ to check your balances, and to deposit checks with a photo.

Other Stuff;

Pandora ~ a self controlled radio app, you choose an artist or a type of song and the app will play other songs in that same style... you can like or dislike each song and it responds by playing more things closer to your style...

Zippo Lighter ~ just a fun app that makes a flicker from an old style lighter.

Starwalk ~ once you learn the app, you can aim this toward the sky and it will label the stars and constellations... as you move it across the sky...it is a beautiful app.


It is difficult to tell someone else what games to get some are free, most of them cost a couple of $ up wards of 5 or 6 dollars... Here are a few that have made my eyes cross... from playing them so much...

Angry Birds




Enjoy!, I find my iphone so flexible and fun that I am willing to get stronger glasses to keep using it. My whole family now has one and even my mom loves hers and plays words with friends with me... It is an easy way to keep in contact with her without making a call.