Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More things I learned last summer in Mississippi

Look at these ....
These are links to people in the Katrina/Rita area who are trying to make a living and hang on to the life there. Help them out if you can. I especially like the pralines. Who can resist a tote or check book cover from FEMA tarps?
I have been doing a lot of humming lately… when things are going pretty well, but you have all these little things humming around in your head. Thoughts and dreams wishes and hopes, just when you think things are bound to get better, some new challenge comes along.
Oh……humming = that adrenaline rushing feeling that is neither anger nor worry but sort of exciting ~ confusing ~ single-minded ~ intensity. It is all between; hubby’s work changing, 2nd daughter in summer/driving/new job, 1st daughter – acting, weird, the human condition, and me going thru menopause…. Humming is what I do all the time.
GOD is Good.
All the time.

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