Saturday, November 14, 2009

Monster Lemon

13 ounces
5 inches long
Monster Lemon
If you only grow one at a time... it better be good.
This is my Monster Lemon and how it came to be....
My little lemon tree is pot bound and stays indoors for half the year, here in the northwest it would freeze if I left it out on the deck. About a year and half ago, I noticed it had some flowers blooming, it did before and no fruit was the result. Since there are no bees to pollinate it inside, I used a little q-tip and patted each of the flowers. Out it went over the summer..... Here is a close up of the Monster lemon on the tree during last summer, as it grew.
There is another lemon growing right now, and some new flowers... maybe I will get another monster! ♥