Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shoes and Shoe ~~ gasm !!!

     Dear Reader... I was walking down Carnaby Steet, London, last spring, minding my own business...when I was stopped in my tracks by a store window...a shoe store. 
Irregular Choice! 
     I went in and decided, I needed nourishment in order to shop, there were too many good choices! I was late for lunch.  Returning with energy, I tried on about 10 pairs and left with these three pair.  Whew!, I could have purchased several more but stopped myself.  The brown pair in the back left are by "Bed of Roses", the ones in the back right are by "Poetic Licence" (saw these yesterday in Nostroms, in other colors) the center front pair, my favorite are by "Irregular choice, Mutiny"
     Shoes for women can sometimes be a sexy accessory or they can be hobbling and make you walk like you are an overweight 90 year old with bunions.  As I have matured, I have rediscovered my love for sexy shoes, however, they must be comfortable enough to actually walk.  Please take time to try on shoes and really walk around in them, do a few dance steps, bend down, sit down, stand up and turn around a bit.
     These black sandals with the wide straps are another of my favorites, they are tall platforms and yet I can wear them, without fear of falling.  I have actually worn these all day without getting a cramp, they are really comfortable, and sexy and isn't sexy susposed to be comfortable!?  These are Michael Kors, I have them in black, tan and the white ones are on order.
     Other sexy, fashionable shoes include these two, a pair of high heeled hikers (unknown info) and a pair of heels that feel like fishnet stockings for your feet, by Steve Madden.
     Of all the shoes I have, flats, sandals, flip flops, boots aplenty, and heels... this pair does it for me more than any other pair... they are not to tall, comfortable, soft, well made, I can dance, run, walk and party in them with out noticing any discomfort at all.
Thank you Charlotte Olympia!
So go find your sexy shoes! and be comfortable!