Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Journal of the Hat Continued....April 26th.

April 26 … Moving forward … The Fabric…
   Today we had a great time in class!  I learned much more about using my fabric, and got quite a lot done. 
     In between working on hats scary stories began to circulate….. It started by talking about the movie “The Gray” with Liam Neeson, so scary!  Then we moved on to personal horror stories, it included everything from giant splinters in someone’s backside, to a perfectly illustrated story about someone’s eye popping out… there was some muted screams and nervous laughter, I had a great time in class!

     Here are some beautiful petals, several of the other girls are making flowers for their hats and I am going to catch up and do that too.  So I am following their work… they used an egg iron to press these shapes into the fabric petal pieces.

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