Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost a Hat!

May 17th  ~~~  Nearing the end….
Oh dear, I am having a hard time realizing that this next class will be the last one!  I could keep on doing this … yep just keep on … I love sewing and talking and this class allows both.  We chat about our week and tell fantastic stories about things we hear or saw… and we keep sewing! 

I got a lot done this week even though again, I spent the entire class sewing four seams.  I seem to have a heavy hand with the thread and it shreds after a short time of sewing.  I think it is a combination of the delicate silk thread and my pulling to quick and hard on the stitch.  Here is a photo of my hat as I began today.

First loop attached...

here a little pile os shreded thread :)

Third and almost done....
Next week is it!
Wow Hats!

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