Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Royal Feathers ~ Reign Royal Insane!

April 30… Sunny Day Outside…
Reign Royal Insane ~ Inside, with a side of steam!

  Todays photo shoot was fun.  The “kids” were giggling and I was too at times. The model was a man and the challenge given by the teacher was to make something for him.  I made the hat, the bow tie and the gloves.  I used left over feathers from my “WEAR the wild things” shoot, and purchased blanks of the top hat, bow tie and cut off gloves from the costume shop.  I had to hand sew everything because I could not get time in the Lab.

     I explained to the model, the idea….he woke up on a tropical island and the natives had made him king, and feathers were the jewels in his crown.
      I tried for an intense Royal reign, with just a bit of insanity, boarding on anger, and silly poppy cock.  I hope it worked… here are a few of the photos...
 I think it was a success.

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