Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WEAR ~ The Wild Things !

April 23 ~~~ Another Rainy Day in London…
Hot Photo Shoot.
I enjoyed the challenge today and was way over prepared. I ended up not using several things I brought along, and used some things I wasn’t sure I wanted to use in the beginning.  I made the hat, stockings and the necklace.
 There were two challenges that pushed me today.  The first was the time limit, with only 20 minutes to work with the model there was no time to put on fake nails or use the wig… her hair is very fluffy and it would not have worked. Perhaps I will put it on the male model next week.  Secondly, the model was tired, all day of changing and trying to perform and portray what each student had asked of her.  I had a hard time getting any other face but “cute”. My theme was “animal instincts” and my idea was a kind of mysterious animal in the line of “Where the wild things are”, silly  somewhat frightening… I called it.
WEAR ~ The Wild Things.
There were about 38 shots taken and I believe I got 2 or 3 that are good…

Take a look at some of my favorites…what do you think, did it work?    

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