Friday, May 25, 2012

Brains ~ The Mind as Matter ~ Wellcome Collection

     A few weeks ago I took a detour to the Wellcome Collection, which consist of an extraordinary mix of medical, art, curiosities and brains.  This collection was begun by Mr. Wellcome who was widely traveled, rich and able to pick up objects he found interesting, his interest were medical instruments, art and odd bits of curiosity. 

Among the items I found interesting enough to note were,

Napoleons toothbrush
Darwin's Walking Stick

Disraeli's death mask

Slice of the human body (head to toe)

All sorts of Medical oddities including ~
a part of Einsteins brain
Chastity belt

      In one room of interactive exhibition's there was a computer that took a photo of my face and compared it to the data base -- the result was -- "there is no one in our data base that compares to you", He He...then it showed my face shape compared to the "average face" shape and mine was very thin --- it morphed my face to look more average and I looked really bad!  I am thinking differently about my looks now.

It was a really fun exhibit!

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