Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Journal of the Hat

April 12, 2012, We got messy… yippee!  I got my fabric from the drycleaners and they did a wonderful job.  The fabric was unfolded and mostly pressed to a lovely smooth surface. 

     Prudence talked with us individually and I was taught how to wrap a wooden head called a block with stiff millinery canvas.  I cut a section on the bias and pinned into place while wet then blow dyed it to a stiff form.  I left it there at the studio (see photo) to await more work, next week.  I got a nasty blister on my ring finger from pushing all those pins in!

     I paid attention as she taught two other students how to use the gelatin to stiffen soft silk satin for flower petals, as I am going to do flowers also when I get the chance.  Another student dyed fabric to the color she wanted, see photo of her fingers that matched her camera.

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