Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What are my chances .... really.

     OK..... I'm on a rant today... but because no one ever reads this blog I feel pretty free to vent...
                            In the tube couples talk......

      I just recently realized how much I disdain the single life.  I truly need the back and forth of another intelligent mind.  The thought processes the discussions the ideas that sharpen each other and with skillful thinking... the sharing of thoughts in a safe environment of love and respect.  The recognizing of each other distinct and pertinent personality, valuable child of God.  Each of us with goals and ambition that we can each support and delight in. 
      However, lately I have realized I haven't been on the road to a relationship... I have been working constantly to adjust to my single life, to be self empowered, to be the head of my own household and so kept my head down, kept my guard up and kept calm and carried on.  A few days ago I read an article in "The Portman" a London 2012, magazine about life in London.  This article written about Matchmaking in London, quotes matchmaker Mary Balfour who explains how difficult it is for people to meet each other now... with us all in our own electronic bubble as we travel about.  She also bemoans the expectations of men versus women.  As women typically want men their own age, Men on the other hand still feel they can attract much younger women, however, "we have to say no unless you are terribly rich or funny or George Clooney."  She says she gets a lot of internet dating refugees. So... if I am to have a chance... what should I do, I don't feel the draw to a matchmaker, I can't change my personality and I am an aquired taste but who would take the time? I still want and need a partner... what a predicament!
                There are some silly men on the tube too!

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