Friday, April 6, 2012

Style is an Powerful Dowager ~ Fashion is a Shooting Star One Hit Wonder then gone.

First Week of April 2012

The classes here are much more "hands off" they give the students the tools and simple instructions and then give them plenty of time to do the work while allowing them to ask questions and get help from each other... finally a product is produced.  We had our first photo shoot for Styling class this week, it was fantastic.  When the right tools are available and the theme is clearly described, a product can be produced.  There was a lot of "hurry up and wait" and it took a long time for all of us to get finished with our photographer and each of us felt that we could have done better, but I feel pretty good about the photos I got.  I will work on mine a bit with photoshop, but I don't think much will need to be done other than some cropping, and I may play with the colors a bit.  Here is one of my examples.  My instructor Robin walked in just as we were placing the Chickie and put him up there...

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