Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Everyday Dressing ? ~~ Fashion Questions?

I got answers… they may not be much, in my humble opinion, however, here goes…!
Q;  I have difficulty deciding how to dress every day, should I wear my best stuff, or just save it for good?

A; Every day is a good day, today is good, you are good and you are worth wearing the best items you have in your closet.  My advice can best be explained by this…--->>> You should dress like you would, if you were to going to be meeting your lover today.  If you are married or in a steady relationship you ARE meeting your lover, if not then well, are we looking?  Then dress like he/she may walk right into your life that day.  The clothes in your closet are going out of style and aging just hanging in there.  Do not save things for best, as today is best, and as long as it will work for your schedule, you should consider today a “best” day.  As you pick out what to wear each morning, choose things that will be appropriate for your daily activities, but remember you may meet your lover and don’t you want to look your best for him/her? 

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