Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waking up to the New Normal

Each day I wake up to a New Normal I would never had guessed would be mine.

Next week I will be working on reopening my online shops... Etsy, Silkfare ... Dawanda and It will be slow and most of my day will still consist of working toward the transition of head of household to me.

As I move through my life now, I am being reminded each day that the strength I have is not mine alone, but because God is inside of me giving me this backbone of steel. He is both comforting me in my pain and showing me the path. If not for God I would be lost! Thank you for your continued prayers ~ They work!


Graceful Moments said...

Dear Terryann,
I only found out today what happened. I haven't been on Etsy much because of new job.
My heart aches for you and tears are falling as I write this. I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through.
We cannot know what will happen in the next minute or hour but can only trust in God's great plan and design and have faith that He will love us home to Him.
I am praying for you dear one that God will comfort you and ease your pain quickly and bring you to a new peace as you adjust to your new normal.
Love and blessings,

photoadele said...

i am still in shock prayers are still for you.

glentwistle said...

Facing life can be so hard. I am holding a light for you in my prayers and thoughts.