Saturday, November 1, 2008

What was I thinking ~ Really ~ Halloween ~ Sarah Palin ~ ish?

~ Sarah Palin ~ ish? I?

..... I am a bit older and not as curvy, or as educated, or well connected, but I was recognized and it was fun! Not too scary.

Since my McCain was stumping in "another state" I went out with my mom and mother in law... so instead of big security guys, I had a couple of Grammies with me....☺ I don't have the bangs so that was a problem I couldn't/wouldn't fix.

I entertained them with some fancy pageant walking..... then those high heels just killed my feet!

Fun Fun Fun.... what will I do for next year?


Liz Edgar said...

Oh wow! Gotta love her and you! Looks great. Thanks for sharing.


ruth hill radcliffe said...

oh too funny Terryann, you look terrific. what a babe, " you betcha" said...

"Oh Come One Now"....You Look great!
"You Betcha"


Odannysgirl said...

What fun! Great job putting her look together.

penguinsplunder said...

Hahah I think it's awesome. And you did a great job looking like her.

Emily of Ella-Bear Bowtique said...

LOL great costume!

RustChic said...

you really nailed the look

Anonymous said...

Thats great! I did see a Sarah Palin drag queen this year.

Are YOU a hockey mom? ;)