Friday, August 22, 2008

Bug Storm ~ and other adventures on the Road.

Bug Storm ~ and other adventures on the Road.

Many of you may know that I have been going on "road trips" this summer to visit the local colleges and universities in our area that my teen may want to attend fall 09. They do these tours, and we visit the classrooms and dorms, it is really neat way to help make a decision.
This was our last trip, and we were on a six hour drive in Eastern Washington, about dusk. When there arose such a splatter! I couldn't believe what we were seeing, splat! Splat! SPLAT!!!. It was a Bug Storm! It contained all sorts of bugs, locus, ladybug, flies, mayflies, and other really juicy ones!
My car has a kind of grimace, after having to endure it!

One large one still left stuck on after 300 more miles................ It got so thick that there was just a small place for me to see out of the window, and I had to constantly use the window cleaner to keep that area clean.
Ladybugs too!.................... They were so thick, it looked like a snowstorm.
Well ... it lasted about 5 minutes and when we arrived at the hotel later that night, there were about 50 still attached to the grill, too bad I didn't take a photo of that! These photos are from the next day when we got home 300 miles later, so alot blew off already.
I also let my teen drive, through the mountians, but that is another adventure, that the description is better left for another day!


TwoSeasideBabes said... I'm going to go throw up! ;)

Lily said...

ew ew ew ewwwwwww... Especially that really big one. LOL.

Maddie and Mommy said...

ROTFL! You'd hate Florida during the love bug season. Now go wash your vehicle so it doesn't eat the paint off! That really didn't bother me too much (except the big one, I was trying to identify it...)

LoriDelisle said...

That is seriously gross! :)I am continuously grateful that I live in a place that does not have any major bug issues.

MayRae said...

Gotta love road trips and the things you can see! Too bad you missed the pic with ALL the bugs still attached :) said...

I've never been in a bug storm...GROSS!!!!! and the big one was especially disgusting!!!!!
thanks for sharing.

ruth hill radcliffe said...

oh gross Terryann.....Hopefully that doesn't mean famine and pestilence is here. Know what you mean....when I was on my honeymoon driving through Louisiana....there was a lovebug swarm...yuck. But I think your photos take the cake, or is that the bug? Visiting colleges was fun.

BackwoodSophisticate said...

Wow! That is just crazy! You must have busted up some type of bug convention. Maybe they were making plans to take over the world and you saved us all... bet you that big guy was the leader... LOL!