Monday, July 7, 2008

Italian Sodas with out the Barista ~

Here is something cool for these Hot July days
~ Cold and creamy ~ sweet and yummy! ~
Now I am not a cook!... and this is getting really close to cooking… I put photos in between the instructions to help you understand my slap dash way of making these.
I made these out of plain NEED one hot summer day…my daughter worked as a Barista and told me the basic ingredients ..... here goes.

All my directions are in proportions so you can make this in any size glass or mug.

First assemble these three ingredients:

½ and ½ - cream works too but I like ½ and ½!

Some kind of syrup flavoring – I like this Carmel one and also love the raspberry.

Club Soda – any kind

I put Ice in to fill about 2/3 of the glass.

Then pour in the ½ & ½ to about 1/3 rd of the glass.

Next add a bit of the syrup, I like to glug… glug twice, or about one fat finger measure added to the bottom of the glass, So that the total liquid is now approximately at half of the glass.

Finally I add the club soda to the top of the glass, and stir it gently.

Add a topping of whipped cream if you dare….
Calories are low if you are an athlete.....Otherwise I don't suggest trying to count, just cool off and enjoy!


jenscloset said...

oh that u tube video made me cry..I do appreciate all the sacrifices they all make for us!
Your blog is great!

LazyTcrochet said...

Yum! Kahlua sounds good too.

MayRae said...

Italian sodas! Yum! Oh and my daughter just fed your fish enough I think for the next week or so. Sorry if any don't make it :)

Alicia said...

Im gonna have to try this it sounds interesting and yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Moose Threads said...

Ok it's almost midnight. I just found your blog and now all I can think of is drinking one of these. DARN YOU!!!!! =)

ruth hill radcliffe said...

oh Terryann you're so such a wonderful way. Think I'll try this some Friday instead of champagne.