Thursday, June 12, 2008

Etsy OOoops! I didn’t mean to do that!

Or maybe it is ok, missed it by that much. > <

Sometimes after making, creating, sewing, ironing, and otherwise being creative, you make an Oops! I have had my share of OOooops ~ es in the past and mostly I carry them myself or I take them apart and begin again. This time I decided it wasn’t that bad, and I have noticed that other Etsians have listed Oops also. In fact there was a treasury devoted to Oops a few weeks ago and they were lovely.

This is an "Ooops" because the interior-lining got ironed on and attached slightly wrinkled on one side... see it in the third photo. This is priced lower than the others because of the Ooops. If it is not sold in one cycle on etsy it will not be renewed and I will carry it. It is really a beautiful fabric. If this Oops is calling your name you can buy it at my

Then put Oops in the search box and see what else comes up you will be surprised!


MayRae said...

That's a cute little Oops ya made there!

April aka cojocreations said...

Such a minor oops. Pretty bag.
I love your fish.