Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hot Spring Morning In Mississippi

I went to a small town called Waveland, MS. I was there for a week and we worked with a Mom of 3 small foster children plus two teens of her own, she is still in the FEMA trailer (all of them together). Got a lot done to her house, still not ready for move in, there was another team from French/Canada...who was going to be continuing our work. It was eye opening. Lot of other groups going there too, many had to camp on the site they were working at, good for us we had a "dorm" style situation and the Christian Life Center. They got started, in the K mart or Walmart (I forget) parking lot 24 hours after the storm and are still there today. So much I am still processing and thinking about. If you are interested in getting a group together from your community or chruch, there are links to the CLC here

The sky can cry for me.
When I can't cry for me.
When others sigh for things unreachable.
Try to stay open and teachable.
To Cry is to be alive.
Embrace the Grace given when we realize we are.

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